Sahabat Gen

Purposes of Forming Sahabat Gen

Rejuvenating Indian Youth

Transform Malaysian Indian Youth with new minds and new energy. Also restore a new appearance

To produce number of vibrant and extremely high caliber youth team over the years

uplifting Indian youth

Uplifting the socio economic status of Indian youth

Conduct seminar, dialog, workshop etc

Create business networking club

Empowering Indian youth

Empowering Youth through the formation

Can create better lines of communication and help youth to be a more approachable leader

Encourage young people to take charge

Grooming Indian Youth

Identifying, creating and grooming more youth leaders for the future

Hunt for more dedicated and community-conscious leaders by holding more seminars, workshops, and training

Revamping the image of Indian Youth

Creating Spiritual Leaders

Inspire the Youth to lead a notable virtuous life

The good soul will not be receptive to evil thoughts

Path to spiritual enrichment and self-realization

Awareness in Politics

Create awareness of new dilemma in Malaysian Politics

Engage youngsters in current development politics

To fit with the latest political landscape

Preparing Indian Youth

Preparing Youth to face new challenge in the next decade

Awaken the mind of youths, instill self-confidence, and courage in them to face the problems of life

Develop a passion for personal responsibility

Help them great deal to accept setbacks and revitalize themselves

Shaping youth into positive thinking

Revamping the image of Indian Youth

Youth in nation building

Mutual respect among races and shared common impulse

Youth with intellectual hunger

Interacting with the various division and scope

Mutual understanding

Opportunities in the Government or private sectors for youth

Youth responsible for social reform within a country, Youth determine the future of the nation

What is Sahabat Gen?

Composite of young and Vibrant Indian Youth of the next generation.

Who is Sahabat Gen?

Those Youth (Male/Female) in the range of 16-35 years old.

Why Sahabat Gen?

Because youths are Resources, Assets, Energetic, Innovative and Future Leaders.

Who can Join?

Either Children of Sahabat Members, Form 6 Students, Varsities student either Public or Private, Sportsman/Sportswomen, Artists, Disable Youth, Young Entrepreneur.


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