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SAHABAT MALAYSIA is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that has a social mission that pays attention to and mobilizes initiatives to take care of the welfare of members who are more family-like. SAHABAT brother’s service has been always a balance between economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment.

Sahabat Gen

Transform Malaysian Indian Youth with new minds and new energy. Also, restore a new appearance. To produce number of vibrant and extremely high caliber youth team over the years.

Social Responsibility

SAHABAT brothers have been very kind in volunteering and in taking initiative in social responsibilities by freely giving time and needful for community service. Others serve on an as-needed basis, such as in response to natural disaster.

Sahabat Entrepreneurs

To produce more young generation in various fields of business. To organize more courses or training in the field of economics. To strengthen the friendship of young Indian entrepreneurs.

Sahabat Volunteers

SAHABAT Brotherhood gets together and finds the best way to help the community in every aspect that the Brotherhood could by providing welfare programmes, services and resources.  Wherever and whenever there is a need.

Sahabat Malaysia Patron Tan Sri Dato' Sri SA.Vigneswaran



In early 2017, when three musketeers Mr. S. Subramaniam (former Selangor Youth Leader), Mr. Nandakumar (former Kedah Youth Leader), Mr. Tony (former Selangor Ex Committee Member) while they met up for tea, they mooted with an idea to reunite all the former youth especially during the leadership of YB Tan Sri Dato Sri S. A. Vigneswaran, former National Youth MIC Leader (the Year 2000- 2009).

Then they related this matter to Mr. S. Ramis, former National Youth Deputy, and Ex Johor State Youth Leader, Mr. Raj, former Perak Ex Youth Leader, Late Mr. Ramesh, former Pahang Ex Youth Leader, Mr. Suresh, former Kedah Ex Youth leader, Mr. Vincent, former Penang Ex Youth Leader, Mr. Nandha co-ordinate with all the respective Ex-State Youth Leader and started assisted to registrar of society in under Register of Society (ROS).

Later this idea of forming SAHABAT NGO bodies was related and seek the advice of Tan Sri Datuk Seri S. A. Vigneswaran and he was very fond and advised to organize a reunion gathering. So in the year 2017, we organized one mass gathering at Renaissance Hotel, kuala lumpur whereby approximate 500 Ex Youth reunited and had a wonderful memorable reunion. The whole programme was fully tailored and sponsored by Tan Sri Dato Sri. S. A. Vigneswaran himself.

In brief, under the leadership of Tan Sri Dato Sri. S. A. Vigneswaran year 2000 – 2009, the Youth wing in the party Malaysia Indian Congress (MIC) played vital roles in MIC politic and most active wing. Everyone enjoys Brotherhood and the bonds were strong and remain tact till today. Most of the youth thereon became the leaders in the Party at various levels and most pleased with the current president, none other than our current Party President, the honorable Tan Sri Dato Sri. S. A. Vigneswaran.

Remarkably, most of the Ex Youth Leaders currently has become a leader at various levels such as Secretary General of party, State Chairman, Division chairman and other post in party level. Unfortunately, some of them demised, or fell sick. Anyhow, this GSSM has given a venue for everyone to reunite and continue of friendship called S.A.H.A.B.A.T

Purpose of Formation

~ To continue Friendship Legacy

~ To conduct Reunion and Fellowship

~ To carry out activities and take care the welfare of members and their family members

~ To conduct yearly AGM and enhance the activities.

~ As Ex or current leader engage in training or conduct a seminar, workshop for Young

~ Leaders and assist them in Nation Building.

~ Address a social or political issue.

~ To bring a positive change in society.

Goals of Formation

~ Collaborate or accept a coalition or join any association that uses the word ‘SAHABAT’ in any association and has the same basic principles as this association. Clause 3 (5).

~ Strengthen the relationship between the members of the Association in all states that have been registered.

~ Strengthen unity, integration in the context of national development.

~ Distribute welfare assistance if necessary, to members of the association and the Malaysian community as a whole.

~ Assist members to improve the socio-economy of members of the association.

~ Organize community programs between members of the association and the Indian community in general.

~ Give an explanation of the importance of political parties to fight for the fate of the Indian community in this country.

~ Organize activities that can make the local community aware of government facilities and ways to obtain them.

~ Assist agencies such as cooperatives for the benefit of association members.

~ Organize courses, seminars, workshops, forums, trainings, camps, dialogues, programs, projects, carnivals, assemblies, development centers and learning centers to increase community knowledge.

~ To produce layers through SAHABAT GEN Y by making them successful human beings in socio-political and socio-economic.

~ Announcing the activities of the association through the distribution of magazines and pamphlets provided that permission is obtained from the Ministry of Home Affairs first. Clause 3 (5).


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